Daily Transcription review: To Join or Not?



Working as a transcriptionist is a great way to make money from home. There are a lot of companies that provide transcription work. This article is about Daily Transcription Review.


Daily Transcription is a site that was started by Jason Reeves in 2005. Not only does it provide transcription services but also closed captioning and translation services.


Transcription services are mostly used for legal and medical business purposes. The services offered by the site are, Audio Transcription services, Professional Translation services, Academic and Market research, Transcription and legal transcription among others.


Daily Transcription site has transcription jobs of over 30 languages. They hire people to transcribe audios  into text. Some clients require the transcriber to convert video into text. You’ll be required to transcribe audio files from the corporate, legal, and entertainment field.


How Does Daily Transcription Work?


Daily transcription operates somehow different from other companies. At first, you will be required to sign up for the slots that are available. Later on, work will be assigned depending on their schedule. They do not give an assurance that a specific amount of work will be available.


Clients might need all sorts of transcription done for them ranging from mobile phone dictation, sermon, and podcast.  Before taking live jobs, you need to sign an NDA agreement. After completing the job, you will receive feedback from their experienced transcriptionists. The company provides training for transcribers. They provide style guides, video tutorials and as well as jobs for practice.


Requirements for Daily Transcription


Daily Transcription Review has some basic requirements but it does mention their requirements precisely.

Some of their requirements are as follows:


Headphones (must be of good quality)

High quality noise – cancelling headphones are highly recommended for audio transcription work. They use ANC (active noise cancellation) technology. You will be able to detect words and conversations that an ordinary headphone may not detect.


A computer that is functioning well

To conduct transcription work, you’ll need a computer. This is the first tool that is needed. Depending with your preferences, you can choose to work with a desktop or a laptop.


Broadband internet connection

You will need a strong internet connection to facilitate transcription work. Broadband internet enables faster connection and loading of transcription work if the internet is stable.


Foot pedal  (not compulsory)

By hitting a different section of the pedal, you will be able to rewind, play and move forward the audio. This will save a lot of time while typing.The key requirement is having a good software and hardware.

Qualifications Needed

For you to be considered fit for transcription work, the following is a must,

You must be based in the United States of America or Canada.

You must be able to type at least 50 words per minute.

You must have a strong mastery of English language and good listening skills. This is because most of the work needs to be converted from audio to text.

You need to pass an audio transcription and the assessment test. You should have the ability to deliver work at the stated time since they have strict timelines.

You should be accurate. Type words that are only spoken in the audio file according to the guidelines provided. Do not paraphrase or add additional information. Submit transcripts that are at list 98% accurate.


Daily Transcription Pay Rates

The company pays quite a high amount compared to other transcription companies such as Rev and Scribe. Daily transcription normally pays between $0.75 and $0.85 per audio in a minute

Depending in the financial policies of the business, payment rates, process and schedules may differ. They pay on a weekly basis. It all depends if the jobs assigned the previous week are done. The method of payment used is PayPal.


Daily Transcription Application Process

For you to be considered a member of Daily Transcription, the following steps will guide you during the application process.

Fill the application form then upload your resume.

You will be redirected to conduct their Assessment test.

You will receive a link to the audio transcription test only if you have passed the test.

Wait for an email if you have passed the test from the DT team.


Pros about the site

Since they provide different assignments, Pay rises as you prove your capabilities.

It’s flexible. It enables one to work from at home while watching the family and make a living. It provides timely pay.

They provide tests to see if one can perform. This enables work delivered to be of good quality.

The staff are quick to give feedback and comments.

The company provides a lot of work since there are different types of audio files to be transcribed. This makes the work interesting.


Cons about the site

The company does not guarantee any amount of work.

Work is quite tedious since some audios are a little hard to understand.


Daily Transcription Review – FAQs:

Before applying for a job, almost everyone undergoes a series of questions in mind. The following are frequently asked questions about Daily Transcription Company.


Can I work from any part of the world?

As per now, only people from Canada and US are allowed to work.

What method of payment do you use to pay?

For smooth transactions, we pay through a PayPal account.

Do you take long to review work?

No, for the work to be reviewed, it might take up to 3 working days.

Do you pay on a daily basis?

Actually, for all the work approved, payments are made using PayPal on a weekly basis.


I conclude stating that transcription jobs are not as hard as many people think. You only need to have requirements such as good listening skills, relevant equipment’s and good time management since these jobs are time bound. Go through the training programs to improve on your skills in becoming a good transcriber.


I believe my review about Daily transcription will be of help. Cheers and happy transcribing.










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