Why Freelancers Should Exercise Daily

By Ludiah Onami

Freelance fitness hack The biggest asset of any freelancer is his mind and body. If you become sick, you cannot work. And if the mind is gloomy, it means you can’t perform at your best.

As a result, you cannot earn like you anticipated or did before. But self-care is something that, we, freelancers do not take seriously.

While exercising is vital for all, it is even important for freelancers. But at times, you are tempted to work from your bed or sofa.

There are even days when you can’t find a reason to move further than the toilet. When you are booked and have lots of things to do, it is hard to find time for exercising. It is because of this that many freelancers find it a challenge to exercise daily.

But did you know regular exercise is important for your health? That is why you should focus on it. Well, if you are freelancer reading this, I want to give you more reasons to set time for exercise.

Reasons freelancers should exercise

Improves attention and focus

This is the number one reason you should have regular exercise as a freelancer. Doing a repetitive task can make you lose focus. Exercise is the best way to enhance focus and attention when working from home.

According to Spark – The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain Author, Dr. John Ratey, exercise enhances the brain. It does so, in a brief interval by boosting your focus for 2 or 3 hours afterward.

Are you having difficulty completing your client’s project? Spend a few minutes on your exercise bike. Do this before you get to work. You will be focused and attentive when working afterward

Boosts confidence

If you have great ideas for your freelance business and zero is happening, you need a boost. But that is not the only issue that can make you want to have a boost.

You need a confidence boost if:

  • You start pitching clients but you still feel like prospects cannot open your email
  • You live in fear of pressing the send button after writing the pitch
  • You have lots of tasks but you are depressed at your desk

But there is a solution though and it is exercising. Self-confidence in a realistic and sensible way is a good defense against many problems.

This includes imaginative and emotional issues. Exercise does lots of good things for your body. When you exercise you feel good, your appearance improves, and you feel strong. Above all, you get that sense of fulfillment.

But it doesn’t end there. A better feeling makes you feel equipped and more confident. As a result, you are able to handle all your demanding tasks.

Reduces boredom

Ever had people asking you how you manage to work alone day in day out? Well, working from home can be boring at times especially if your tasks are repetitive. Engaging in an exercise assists to cut the boredom of working from your house.

Look here: I spend the entire day in my room working. Sometimes the only place I visit is the toilet.

Spending some minutes exercising helps me get out of the house or change my workplace. Through exercise, you get rid of your mindset of being stuck in one place and all the disappointment that comes with it. If you are bored right now, spend thirty minutes exercising. You will feel refreshed and all set to work for the rest of the day.

Improves creativity

Do you have a new project but you have run out of ideas? You can still be creative and have a successful project. According to research, the creative thinking of a person increases while walking.

It could be outdoors or indoors. Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are popular for holding walking meetings.  While walking, make sure you have your phone so you can record those ideas. This is minus having to press yourself hard to think.


Being a freelancer means you are the one in charge of all your work. Taking a day off because you are sick makes things difficult. That is why you should take care of yourself.

Consistent exercise enhances the immune system and reduces the risk of becoming sick.

A few minutes of walking or jogging could help you to concentrate, focus, and be more creative in your work. Exercise is a good way to stay healthy. Have something to add? Hit that comment button and let’s keep the conversation going. 😉😉😉

About the Author

Ludiah is a virtual assistant, trainer and the founder of writersspire.com.

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