What should you do before creating a Website? 10 Helpful Tips for Every Aspiring Entrepreneur

I never knew that a website was that important.

I thought that the profit I got from my store was enough.

But wait..

One day I came across a Facebook page that was advertising a product similar as mine.

Guess what?

It had many likes.

I clicked on the page and to find out more about it. I saw that their About Us page shared more information about their website.


Was that their website?

I was curious.

You know that feeling when you see your competitor ahead of you.

I clicked the link to their website and was more shocked. The website had photos of their products and more information about them.

What shocked me most was that the website owner was directing customers to his physical store.

There were reviews of customers who ordered online.

I just realized how much I had lost for not having a website. This entrepreneur was getting clients from social media and search engines as well.

It opened my eyes.

Did you know that every entrepreneur should have each of his or her business own a website with products and services offered displayed?

Here is why.

Websites form an avenue for the entrepreneur to interact with customers as well as enable the customer the range of items in stock.

Having a professional and comprehensive website is indeed very important for pretty much every new business.

Although getting started can seem intimidating for those who have never had their website before, there are a few tips I can offer so that you can know what to expect.

  1. Have A Clear Goal For Your Website

When building the first website for your business, you should focus on what you want to bring to your customer. A great site will captivate the customer and may be push them to purchase something from it.

If you wish your first business website to be an avenue for people to buy products, you need to build it around that specific goal. If you aim to provide information and entice potential clients to call you, you have to create it with that particular goal in mind.

A website without a clear purpose will cost you your precious time and money while providing little benefit that is if there is any.

Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

  1. Write Your Website Content

This might seem obvious,but it is paramount. A great website with articles that are content oriented is an excellent attraction to customers.  When building your first website, you should have in mind what you may want it to offer.

It is advisable to start creating your website content individually. Even if you choose to hire a professional editor to edit or polish the content, you know the underlying message of your business venture more than anyone else will.

  1. Tell Customers What You Can achieve and Do For Them

Put this information in the your about us page. You can also create another page where you will list your services.

A great website helps customersto try reading your content as potential visitors. The tendency to focus on what you will earn rather than what benefit you offer to customers or the clients will rank your website poorly.

  1. Develop A Page Hierarchy For Your Website

Almost all websites include a couple of pages in their site. It promotes a sense of organisation to the customer.

Many people may choose a simple format which includes a home page, an about page and a contact page. As a tech-savvy business person, you might want different pages for your various services with a leading services page that offers a general overview.

That is something that you should decide on your own or at least consider before building or hiring someone to create your business website.

  1. Gain Inspiration From Other Sites

This particular idea lets you sample from the best websites, and it helps you incorporate a few picked aspects into your website.

The thing about checking out successful business sites is that if you are unsure of the look, you want your business site to have or how you want your content to read, inspiration from them might get you something you like.

Do not copy them. But instead, look for some outside inspiration that can help you get an idea of what you want from your new website.

  1. Own Your Domain Name

Try to pick out a name that is unique for your website because it is what the customer comes into contact with about your content.

In recent time, some providers have begun to offer free domains that come with extensions. But did you know that yourbusiness.com tends to be more professional and easy to remember than yourbusiness.wordpress.com or any other extension?

  1. Choose A Reliable Website Hosting Platform

There are many websites host to choose from, but as a budding entrepreneur, you may want to select the one who favours your pockets and offers value for your money.

With plenty of options to choose from, it is recommended to mainly work with WordPress, which is a large scalable and customizable option. But there are other hosting platforms that you can look into based on the needs for your particular website.

  1. Consider Future Business Growth

Growth is inevitable in every successful business that is set up. However, if you are planning on growing your business quickly over time, it is essential to think carefully and consider a set of options before choosing a low-cost platform aimed at small upcoming websites for small businesses.

Platforms like Wix, BlogSpot and Squarespace, can work great for online businesses that plan to stay relatively small and need the use just a few features. But if you ever outgrow these sites, transferring all of your site content to a new web hosting platform can be a pain to bear.

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