7 Ways You can Use and Grow your Facebook Community

Facebook community

Facebook community

By Dorine Otinga

It has never been easy…

While it only takes simple steps to create a Facebook community, growing it can be painful.

If you have ever started a Facebook group, you know what this means.

I am not trying to scare you if you are planning to start one.


Have you ever been in a Facebook group and left it?

Maybe you didn’t find it valuable, and you were getting tired of the notifications which didn’t offer value to you.

Or perhaps the Facebook Market Community and being there was just like being in no group at all.

Those are some of the reasons why a Facebook community may fail to grow. I want to show you how to build your Facebook community using simple ways that you have always ignored.

Let’s get started.

  1. Have a specific target market

Just figure this out. You are a graphic designer, and decide to create a group for your niche. But after creating it, you start sending random invites to your Facebook friends whom you don’t know whether they will be interested in what you do. You end up having a dormant and dull Facebook market community.

Before creating a group, you need to identify your goals. If you aim to get more leads in your graphic design business, you need to identify people with companies that might need your services. The best way to get your target audience is to hang around similar groups and see what they do.

Be active in their conversations’ and offer free help. People will be interested to know more about your services, and you can invite them to join your group. You should also provide valuable tips, and that will attract new members.

  1. Invite your friends to join your Facebook Community

As much as you may want to add your friends automatically to your group, it is better to send them a Facebook email or messages asking them for permission to add them. Tell them about your group and ask if they might be interested. If they agree, feel free to add them.

  1. Find someone to help you manage your group

I have observed many group owners who started their groups at a high note and later they started lagging. This happens mostly, and it is due to being overwhelmed by many things.

Since you want to keep your group active, consider posting every day. You can ask some friends who are willing to help you. Assign them specific days to post any meaningful post related to your business.

  1. Create rules

You are not going to like it if you don’t put regulations in your group. People are not going to know what is right to post or wrong. Remember, some people join groups so that they can spam them with their adverts. Even if your group is a market place, you need Facebook market place rules.

On your group rules, make the marketing days clear if you would want to have them. Of course, people would want to join your group if you allow marketing days.

  1. Make your group closed

Have you ever requested to join a group and waited for approval? What does that mean? It means that the group is closed and you have to wait for approval. Making your group closed saves you from spammers who can join and post on your group anytime.

  1. Respond to every post on your group

I know it might be a bit tiresome and overwhelming to respond to all posts on your group. But remember that people have sacrificed their time to post on your group. It means a lot. So long as the content is meaningful to your audience, even liking is enough. Responding to posts shows that you care and encourages those who post to keep sharing.

  1. Promote your group in your social media accounts

Aside from Facebook, there are many other Social Media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest among others. Let your contacts on different social media profiles know about the existence of your group and feel free to join.


Your Facebook community speaks for your business. You don’t have to sound promotional every time you post. Show interest in solving the problems of your audience, and they are likely to invite their friends who face similar issues.

Building trust with your audience by offering meaningful content is something that your audience might appreciate.  I hope that you will implement the above tips and experience the change you deserve.

Do you have a thriving Facebook community?

What did you do to make it grow?

Share with us in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “7 Ways You can Use and Grow your Facebook Community

  1. Excellent Post Dorine!
    One of the things about having a group as a business person is you learn a lot, which is great for your business.
    I have grown as a group leader. I’ve learned so much from other members who share their experiences and skills.

  2. I have started a second hand brags Facebook group do to the fact that I really enjoy finding interesting and cheap things in-stores like goodwill’s and just random second hand stores. I know I need to tinker with the group a bit but I also know I need to update the group more often by posting more frequently. Thank you for the tips and ideas.

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