7 Incredible antidotes to writer’s block that work

I know you have gone through this.


Sometimes you sit on your desk.

You feel reluctant to write.


But you have to write, yet you are unwilling to do it. At such a time, you find yourself staring at a blank space on your computer.

You lean on your desk and wonder.


Why is it so hard to write?


Writer’s block, the pain every writer endures.


What the heck is wrong with you?

Time moves. You have a tight schedule. You feel overwhelmed by work.

How could life be so unfair?

Have you ever experienced the above situation? At times I feel that way too.
It gets worse when you are accountable to someone.

If you are a freelance writer, it becomes a nightmare because you have to stick to deadlines.

Should you go on and provide horrendous content?

No! Not you.

You can’t do that to your blog or your client.

Allow me to explain.

You are suffering from writer’s block.


Yes, it is called writer’s block or creative inspiration block. It is a condition whereby you are unable to find ideas on what to write.

Can you imagine that?
It could lead to dull, meaningless and uninteresting content.

You might even end up repeating what you said before or what others said.
In such a case, writing may sound like a chore. You want to write because you have to do it.

Exceedingly wrong!

But you are not alone.

Let me tell you my experience…

As I write this, I have just recovered from a terrible creative inspiration block. It’s not just that. I suffered from burnout too. In the past one month, I was swamped. My clients were pushing me to the wall. I had my eBook to complete. It wasn’t easy. At one point I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. I felt sick and depressed. Keep reading and find out what I did.

What causes creative inspiration block?

Creative block can damage your career or business. Almost anything can cause it.
Here are some of the causes and their solutions.

1. Monotony

Doing the same thing over and over again can cause boredom. A tired mind lacks ideas.

For example, if you write about the same thing repeatedly, you might end up lacking new ideas.

This happens to most writers who do ghost-writing. You might get a client who gives you the same topic repeatedly.

How can you solve this?

• Be a deep researcher

The best way to avoid boredom when you get the same task each moment is to be a deep researcher. Go beyond Google. A good writer can opt to research online or on offline magazines or find ideas from experts.


For example, if you are writing about losing weight, you can find more information from fitness magazines and fitness experts both online and offline. You will realize that you have fresh content other than what people know.


You can also interview experts who might be interested in what you are doing.

• Go out

I love writing because I can do it from anywhere. One day I traveled upcountry and carried my laptop. It was the most break taking experience.

I would sit under a tree and write as I enjoyed the new environment. If you are near a beach, consider finding calm, quiet place and write from there.

You can also keep off from writing when you go out. Put everything aside and play!

Having fun is a great remedy to writer’s block.

2. Poor working habits

Did you know that working against your creative working process kills creativity? Working for long hours without a break or rest is dangerous to your health too.

Studies show that working for long hours without rest can cause stroke.

Stop worrying too much about everything in life.
You are human. Accept the best you can do and appreciate it.


3. Personal problems


While creativity needs focus, life has its blows. Sometimes you might face issues that you find it hard to handle.

It might be mourning a loved one, divorce, financial problems, terminal illness and many other disturbing problems.

You need inner peace despite the hurdles of life.

Remember, you are not alone. Some people who seem to be doing well in life suffer quietly.

You need to be different.

As much as it might be hard to give you a physical help, I can advise you to talk to a friend. Take time and meditate.

A research by the John Hopkins University suggests that mindful meditation relieves stress and anxiety.

Get some space. Go to a quiet place and be alone.

Think about how far you came.

You will realize that you overcame a lot. Trust me, meditating and talking to a trusted friend will make you feel better.

Try to find another solution. I like a book entitled, “Finding Inner Peace,” by Joyce Fiodembo because it talks about how to handle different problems in life.

You can also read other inspiration and motivational books.

4. Being overwhelmed with work

Are you beset by the sheer volume of different tasks? You might be experienced about multitasking as a way to earn more than usual.

Imagine if you are a parent, a husband or a wife, or anything that speaks more about your social life and combine that with many tasks that you have.

Do you know that this might result to burnout? It is high time for you to cut down some tasks. You need proper rest and peace of mind.

It is better to do what you can handle and remain productive. Let people marvel at the little you can do than too much of nothing.

But wait…

You can outsource your work if you still have to do a lot. Hire a freelance writer to help you out.

Other ways to deal with creative inspiration block


5. Treasure small pleasures

Let’s be realistic…

Are there times during the day when you feel life is good? Some people feel good when they wake up in the morning. In the morning when the soft noise of singing birds fill the air.

Others feel good when doing their favorite activities like riding, dancing, listening to music, e.t.c. Depending on your nature of writing; this is the best time when your creative juices flow.

Always carry a notebook and a pen if you won’t be using your computer. You can use your phone to write notes too.

Make a point of writing at such a time.

6. Create your writing schedule

If you know the times when you are active and productive, set a schedule and always start writing at that time. Ronald Kellogg, the author of “The Psychology of writing“, says that writing regularly on a schedule reduces writing demands. Another study by a Psychologist Robert Boice found out that writers who write periodically have new ideas always.


7. Clinch to your inner child

Sometimes worrying too much about what others may think about your writing may trigger a writer’s block. You may feel that your work is not worth reading.

We learn from our mistakes.

Think about a little child…

She draws her pictures. No matter how terrible they look, she will proudly show her friends. Even when some kids mock it, she quickly forgets it and keeps drawing.
That is what you should do. Keep writing.

Even if you feel it is not good enough, find ways to improve but don’t stop. You will get more ideas.

“It is during our darkest moments that we focus to see the light.” 

– Aristotle.

The world looks on you for new ideas. You are the epitome of unspoken words. Don’t let your creative juices die. Everyone goes through this. Get rid of it and inspire your readers.


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