5 Sure-fire Ways to write a damn sparkling sentence that will entice your readers

Improve your writing
Writing to win

Have you ever thought of perking up your writing style?  Yes, I am talking about you.

I know you are a good writer, but can you strive to get better than that?




According to studies conducted in 2017, your website content determines the traffic you are going to have on your site. It persuades your readers to take action and contact you.


You don’t have to be an average writer forever. Experiencing a slow growth in your writing career can lead to death.


Death?  Yes, death in your site, morale, self-esteem and finally you might quit.


Soon people are going to get bored of your content. Nobody would want to read your work.


By learning how to write damn sparkling sentences, you are going to become that much coveted super-duper writer.


How can you become a killer content writer?


Your sentences should have emotions, images, and logic.


How can you write a sparkling sentence?


  • Use short sentences


Did you know that short sentences have less grammatical errors? They improve readability and make your content lively. Read more about sentence structure.


  • Get rid of unnecessary words


Can you imagine that moment when you are reading and realize the content has unneeded words?

It sucks!

Get rid of terms such as that, very, just, really, definitely, probably and many others if the sentence makes a meaning without them.


  • Evoke emotion
Words with emotions
Feel your words

Sentences with emotions attract many readers. What is the general mood of your audience? What problems are they trying to solve?


It might be unemployment, trying to cope with death, divorce, etc. Slot in that emotion in your sentence.


  • Write conversationally


When writing, you are talking to your readers. Put your focus on your audience and address them as if you were doing it face to face.



  1. Most women get confused when they start adding weight.
  2. Have you ever felt confused when you started adding weight?


Example 1 sounds too general. Example 2 sounds specific because it addresses you. Readers love conversational tone and are likely to comment to that blog.


  • Paint a picture

 Paint a picture

How can you create an image in your sentence? Giving the reader a clear picture of your mind depends on your words.


It is possible to do that through entertaining your audience. Combine abstract and concrete images. Abstract is that which you can imagine/image in your mind. Concrete is something you can see.

Image in your sentence

Do you attach images in your write-up?


You can also create abstract and concrete language.

The best way to combine abstract with concrete language in an article is through connecting your facts with data.



For example:

“Alice is a talented author but she hates one thing about herself. Whenever she sits down to write, she finds herself staring at the screen or browsing through the social media.”


According to an American journal released on 7th July 2011, 40% of authors have talent in writing but aren’t motivated to do it. The Journal further states that most writers can’t accomplish their goals because they are lazy.


  • Add facts in your sentences


Currently, there is too much information in the internet. If you say a fact, you need to prove it. Otherwise your readers might underrate you.


Remember the online world is full of annoying sales pitch and advertisements. How can your audience know that you are different from them?


You can do this by showing your readers what you say. Don’t mention a statement without proof. That’s all!


  • Practice


Hidden treasures have to be searched. Likewise writing well needs practice.

The more you write, the more you learn. Think about a baby boy learning how to walk. At first, he tries and falls down.

Next he moves two steps and stands. He then runs without falling. Who knows, later he might be a famous athlete.

The same applies to writing. It might seem daunting at first. Don’t give up. Write, write, and write.


Are you going to change your perception?  What is your choice? Take action today!


What  else should we do to write sparkling sentences? Feel free to comment below.

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