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How Blogging Can Increase Your Business’s Value

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Blogging works.

You are a business owner.

You must be thinking of ways to improve your business.

May be you have heard people talk about blogging.

And you are probably wondering…

Is it worth to incorporate blogging into my business?

Blogging takes time, effort and money.

As a business owner, you must be cautious of every income and expenditure of your business. If you haven’t started blogging, you might wonder why you should add such expenses.

Will they increase returns?

Blogging can improve the value of your business in different ways.

Most B2B vendors who blog get 67% more leads than other marketers who have no blogs.

The internet has many opportunities that can make people know about your brand. It is through blogging that your business can get significant exposure.

So what should you do after creating your blog?

The obvious answer is to update it with informative content. Below are reasons why blogging is an excellent idea to your business.


  • Blogging is a magnet for new visitors

As a blogger, you are a problem solver.

Your interest is to meet your customer’s needs by solving their problems. Good content is likely to attract new visitors to your site.

Currently, most people seek solutions from the internet by using the search engine.
If someone wants to buy a good product, he would search on the internet and even read buying guides and look for available companies that have that product.

If you create a readable content on how to choose a particular product or how to solve a specific problem, customers are likely to purchase your product or service.

It is therefore essential to identify your target audience. What are their pain-points and how can you solve their problems?

Create posts that address that major issue and recommend your products or services.

Blogging increases your online visibility

  • Blogging increases your SEO

Updating your blog constantly by creating new posts helps your page to rank high. Through adding blog posts to your blog, you increase website traffic and organic search visibility.

You, therefore, need to update your blog frequently so that people can find you online.

When you add a blog post, it means you have created an additional page on your website. Other bloggers can also find your blog posts and link back to your blog. Back-linking increases inbound links to your blog which boosts your SEO.

Hub spot points out that entrepreneurs who blog receive up to 97% inbound links. When other bloggers note that you have high-quality content, they would want to associate their blogs with yours by back-linking. This improves the SEO for your site.

  • Blogging improves your customer relationships

Through blogging, you can get a close connection with your customers. Currently, most people seek information online from the comfort of their homes.

Most people buy their products online and receive them at their doorsteps. Other bloggers have subscribers whom they send emails alerting them to a new product in the market or a new blog post.

Having a blog helps you to keep in touch with your customers. They can ask questions about your products and services through the comments section depending on the type of content that you have shared. This improves their trust in your brand and creates a long-lasting relationship.

According to Gartner, by 2020 clients will control 85% of their affairs without communicating to a human being. This implies that customers will conduct their research about a company before the company reaches out to them.

They will learn about companies through their blog. You need to have an appealing blog with great content to influence your customers.

  • A blog increases trust in your brand

Blogging exposes your credibility and expertise. An excellent way of winning the trust of your customers is to prove to them that you are knowledgeable about your brand.

Customers always search on the internet for a reliable source of information about specific products and services. If you create informative content with valuable knowledge, the will recognize your business.

Whenever you launch a product that they need, they will be the first to buy it.
By doing extensive research about your business, you can gain knowledge and prove to them that you are an expert in that area.

After reading your content, customers will have trust in your brand. Creating topics that resonate with your market is a marketing strategy that brings results at a fast rate.

  • A blog helps you to be alert in your content marketing strategy

Advertising your business is the key to success. With a blog, you can promote your products and services frequently through content marketing. When you have a blog, you will need to create a schedule of publishing your content and stick to it.

Due to this plan, you will be able to stay alert and adhere to deadlines.
After publishing the content, you can share it with your audience, and it will help many of them know about your brand.

  • Through blogging, you can increase your subscribers

Those who subscribe to your mailing list are potential customers. There must be a reason why they decided to follow you. Since your business attracted them, they are likely to purchase your products or services.

If you keep creating meaningful content that gets shared, you are likely to get more subscribers. It is therefore crucial for every blogger to have a lead generation form.

You can encourage your users to sign up to your mailing list and get a freebie. Create a top-notch freebie inform of a course or an eBook and give it for free in exchange for contact information. This will help those interested in your freebie to sign up.


Increase your customers

Do you think that your business is worth blogging about?

Blogging is an effective strategy for creating awareness about your business. It improves SEO and helps your business to be discovered online. When you start a blog, your focus should be on solving the problems of your target audience.

Let your interest be in what they need and not what you need. Building a trust between you and your clients creates long-lasting relationships. Due to that relationship, your clients are likely to refer others who might be interested in your products and services. This aids to increase your business value. The good thing about blogging is that even if you quit that business, you can still sell your website.

Did you enjoy this topic? How else can blogging improve a business? Feel free to share your opinions on the comments section.

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7 Incredible antidotes to writer’s block that work

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Sometimes you sit on your desk.

You feel reluctant to write.

But you have to write, yet you are unwilling to do it. At such a time, you find yourself staring at a blank space on your computer.

You lean on your desk and wonder.

Why is it so hard to write?

Dealing with writer's block

Writer’s block, the pain every writer endures.


What the heck is wrong with you?

Time moves. You have a tight schedule. You feel overwhelmed by work.

How could life be so unfair?

Have you ever experienced the above situation? At times I feel that way too.
It gets worse when you are accountable to someone.

If you are a freelance writer, it becomes a nightmare because you have to stick to deadlines.

Should you go on and provide horrendous content?

No! Not you.

You can’t do that to your blog or your client.

Allow me to explain.

You are suffering from writer’s block.


Yes, it is called writer’s block or creative inspiration block. It is a condition whereby you are unable to find ideas on what to write.

Can you imagine that?
It could lead to dull, meaningless and uninteresting content.

You might even end up repeating what you said before or what others said.
In such a case, writing may sound like a chore. You want to write because you have to do it.

Exceedingly wrong!

But you are not alone.

Let me tell you my experience…

As I write this, I have just recovered from a terrible creative inspiration block. It’s not just that. I suffered from burnout too. In the past one month, I was swamped. My clients were pushing me to the wall. I had my eBook to complete. It wasn’t easy. At one point I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. I felt sick and depressed. Keep reading and find out what I did.

What causes creative inspiration block?

Creative block can damage your career or business. Almost anything can cause it.
Here are some of the causes and their solutions.

1. Monotony

Doing the same thing over and over again can cause boredom. A tired mind lacks ideas.

For example, if you write about the same thing repeatedly, you might end up lacking new ideas.

This happens to most writers who do ghost-writing. You might get a client who gives you the same topic repeatedly.

How can you solve this?

• Be a deep researcher

The best way to avoid boredom when you get the same task each moment is to be a deep researcher. Go beyond Google. A good writer can opt to research online or on offline magazines or find ideas from experts.


For example, if you are writing about losing weight, you can find more information from fitness magazines and fitness experts both online and offline. You will realize that you have fresh content other than what people know.


You can also interview experts who might be interested in what you are doing.

• Go out

I love writing because I can do it from anywhere. One day I traveled upcountry and carried my laptop. It was the most break taking experience.

I would sit under a tree and write as I enjoyed the new environment. If you are near a beach, consider finding calm, quiet place and write from there.

You can also keep off from writing when you go out. Put everything aside and play!

Having fun is a great remedy to writer’s block.

2. Poor working habits

Did you know that working against your creative working process kills creativity? Working for long hours without a break or rest is dangerous to your health too.

Studies show that working for long hours without rest can cause stroke.

Stop worrying too much about everything in life.
You are human. Accept the best you can do and appreciate it.


3. Personal problems


While creativity needs focus, life has its blows. Sometimes you might face issues that you find it hard to handle.

It might be mourning a loved one, divorce, financial problems, terminal illness and many other disturbing problems.

You need inner peace despite the hurdles of life.

Remember, you are not alone. Some people who seem to be doing well in life suffer quietly.

You need to be different.

As much as it might be hard to give you a physical help, I can advise you to talk to a friend. Take time and meditate.

A research by the John Hopkins University suggests that mindful meditation relieves stress and anxiety.

Get some space. Go to a quiet place and be alone.

Think about how far you came.

You will realize that you overcame a lot. Trust me, meditating and talking to a trusted friend will make you feel better.

Try to find another solution. I like a book entitled, “Finding Inner Peace,” by Joyce Fiodembo because it talks about how to handle different problems in life.

You can also read other inspiration and motivational books.

4. Being overwhelmed with work

Are you beset by the sheer volume of different tasks? You might be experienced about multitasking as a way to earn more than usual.

Imagine if you are a parent, a husband or a wife, or anything that speaks more about your social life and combine that with many tasks that you have.

Do you know that this might result to burnout? It is high time for you to cut down some tasks. You need proper rest and peace of mind.

It is better to do what you can handle and remain productive. Let people marvel at the little you can do than too much of nothing.

But wait…

You can outsource your work if you still have to do a lot. Hire a freelance writer to help you out.

Other ways to deal with creative inspiration block


5. Treasure small pleasures

Let’s be realistic…

Are there times during the day when you feel life is good? Some people feel good when they wake up in the morning. In the morning when the soft noise of singing birds fill the air.

Others feel good when doing their favorite activities like riding, dancing, listening to music, e.t.c. Depending on your nature of writing; this is the best time when your creative juices flow.

Always carry a notebook and a pen if you won’t be using your computer. You can use your phone to write notes too.

Make a point of writing at such a time.

6. Create your writing schedule

If you know the times when you are active and productive, set a schedule and always start writing at that time. Ronald Kellogg, the author of “The Psychology of writing“, says that writing regularly on a schedule reduces writing demands. Another study by a Psychologist Robert Boice found out that writers who write periodically have new ideas always.


7. Clinch to your inner child

Sometimes worrying too much about what others may think about your writing may trigger a writer’s block. You may feel that your work is not worth reading.

We learn from our mistakes.

Think about a little child…

She draws her pictures. No matter how terrible they look, she will proudly show her friends. Even when some kids mock it, she quickly forgets it and keeps drawing.
That is what you should do. Keep writing.

Even if you feel it is not good enough, find ways to improve but don’t stop. You will get more ideas.

“It is during our darkest moments that we focus to see the light.” 

– Aristotle.

The world looks on you for new ideas. You are the epitome of unspoken words. Don’t let your creative juices die. Everyone goes through this. Get rid of it and inspire your readers.


Did you enjoy the topic? Feel free to subscribe to my mailing list for free writing tips.

How else can we cure writer’s block? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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How to make customers instantly click the subscribe button: Even if you are a newbie in blogging.

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“What is wrong with my blog?” “Why am I  having few subscribers?”


As a blog owner, at one point you must have experienced this disheartening frustration.


The pain of having very few or even zero subscribers.

Increase traffic to your blog.

It must be your goal to attract any reader after reading your posts.However, it takes much effort to convince readers that your blog is worth subscribing.


Your number of subscribers lies on the quality of your blog. This ranges from your content, what you offer to the professional outlook of your blog.


What should you do?

1 .Write a lot

According to studies, the more your blog stays updated the more traffic it receives. People would love to associate with blogs that aid them to solve their problem and improve.

Always write readable and informative content.


Remember, Google gives precedence to websites which stay updated. Update your blog at least twice a week.


2 .Make it simple to enter an email address


Forms with prefilled instructions like “enter your email address” are very simple. Ensure that the text disappears when somebody clicks on it to input details. Nobody has time to deal with complicated sign-up forms.

If your form is complicated, you might lose many potential subscribers.


3 .Use the Social Media to get additional subscribers


Can you remember the last time you invited your followers to get free tips from your newsletters?

Did you know that sharing your new blog posts on social media reaches many people? You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to get people.

Post your Newsletter on your fun page to enlighten those who haven’t yet subscribed. You can create a subscribe button on your Facebook page.


4 . Encourage your readers to share your new blog posts and forward your newsletters


Did you know that most people learn from others? If many subscribers read your latest blog post and share it, you are likely to receive more customers.

Have you ever clicked an interesting link to a blog post on social media? After finding the content was useful, you must have subscribed or felt like following the posts from that site.


4. Reduce clicks to subscribe


Ensure that you put an opt form on the sidebar of your site and not on the front page just in case somebody lands on another page. With a Word Press blog, Getresponse and Aweber among other auto-responder systems have widgets that aids in dragging and dropping a form into a sidebar.


5 .Use QR Codes


Have you ever thought about Quick response codes? With the emerging Smartphone market, you can use bar codes to increase subscribers in your blog.

The symbols can be scanned, and if they have a URL, that web page will open in that Smartphone.

Furthermore, they can be distributed in business cards, post cards, and other advertising methods. That is how simple people could land on your blog.


6 . Offer a freebie to your subscribers, and an opt thank you page


Create a freebie and offer it to anyone who subscribes to your newsletter. Exclusive offers are not only convincing but also help people gain your trust.

Thanking users for subscribing and giving them steps on how to confirm their sign up and get the freebie is a great way to get subscribers without hurting your head.

Don’t try to sell anything yet, but try to offer helpful ideas to your subscriber.


7 .Maximize the preview pane

Display the first few lines of your content as a snippet of the whole text. Let your subscribers have an overview of what they are going to read just the way Gmail and Outlook does.

What your customers see in the preview lane should be the message you intended to pass.


Now imagine yourself as a subscriber who is about to subscribe to a newsletter. Would the above factors affect your decision? If yes, implement them and watch the incredible change in your blog.

Did you find these tips helpful? How else can we make readers hit the subscribe button? Feel free to share.



You can also subscribe to my mailing list for more tips.

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7 Hacks on how to create a readable blog

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Let’s be sincere.


Isn’t blogging a hard task? Do you know how to create a readable blog?


How to create a readable blog


Is your blog worth your efforts and investment? What do readers think about your blog?


The answer to that lies on its readability. A perfect blog is the one that users desperately follow up and wouldn’t want to miss a single post.


But how?


Let’s have a look.

On the previous post, I talked about writing short readable sentences. We are going to learn more about that and how it improves readability.

Readability is how easy your blog posts are to read. Flesch-Kincaid is a popular tool that measures readability accurately. If your score is between 60.0-70.0, then your content is readable.

Google considers readability of the content in your blog before ranking it.



How can you improve readability on your blog?


  • Use short paragraphs


A short paragraph should have a minimum of 2-4 sentences. A short paragraph is easy to read and scan through.

A paragraph with one sentence is okay too.


Each paragraph should have one idea. A blog post with many white/blank spaces is very readable because at least a reader can skip a line without missing the point.


  • Shorten the length of your sentences


Did you know that the secret to avoiding common mistakes in writing is using short sentences? Cut off extra words that don’t add value to the content. Get rid of adverbs for example, and, generally, e.t.c.


  • Utilize formatting tags


What are formatting tags for if you don’t use them in your write-up? Make use of bold, underlines and italics to spice up your content and enchant your readers.



  • Use alternative to common words


Examples of an alternative to common words are fantastic, friendly, great, good, etc.


  • Avoid prepositional phrases


Don’t use common prepositions e.g., include of, among, around, about, into, without, through and many others.


  • Replace a phrase with one word


You can use words like suddenly in place of all of a sudden, instead of to replace at this point in time and much more. You can check on 50 plain language substitutions for more details.


  • Spice up your writing


How do you plan to catch the attention of your readers?  You can improve readability by writing in a conversational tone. You speak to the reader by including questions and even cooking up stories.


Just imagine if you were watching your favorite movie and you receive an email. On checking the email, you find the sender is narrating a personal story. Wouldn’t you be distracted a bit and read the story?

You might want to find out the message behind that story. To be precise, spicing up your writing has authority over your reader.


Finally, avoid using passive voice as much as you can.

  1. The book was written by her.
  2. She wrote the book.


Sentence two sounds better compared to sentence one. Active voice affects the readability of your content.

Do you know how to make your blog readable now? Before you start marketing that product or service in your blog, make sure that your readability score is more than 60.0.


Did you enjoy the topic? Feel free to hit the subscribe button and get more tricks.

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5 Sure-fire ways to write damn sparkling short sentences

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Correct sentence structure

Have you ever thought of perking up your writing style?  Yes, I am talking about you. Do you use short sentences?

I know you are a good writer, but can you strive to get better than that?




According to studies conducted in 2017, your website content determines the traffic you are going to have on your site. It persuades your readers to take action and contact you.


You don’t have to be an average writer forever. Experiencing a slow growth in your writing career can lead to death.


Death?  Yes, death in your site, morale, self-esteem and finally you might quit.


Soon people are going to get bored of your content. Nobody would want to read your work.


By learning how to write damn sparkling short  sentences, you are going to become that much coveted super-duper writer.


How can you write sparkling sentences?


Your sentences should have emotions, images, and logic.


How can you write a sparkling sentence?


  • Use short sentences


Did you know that short sentences have less grammatical errors? They improve readability and make your content lively. Read more about sentence structure.


  • Get rid of unnecessary words


Can you imagine that moment when you are reading and realize the content has unneeded words?

It sucks!

Get rid of terms such as that, very, just, really, definitely, probably and many others if the sentence makes a meaning without them.


  • Evoke emotion


Sentences with emotions attract many readers. What is the general mood of your audience? What problems are they trying to solve?


It might be unemployment, trying to cope with death, divorce, etc. Slot in that emotion in your sentence.


  • Write conversationally


When writing, you are talking to your readers. Put your focus on your audience and address them as if you were doing it face to face.



  1. Most women get confused when they start adding weight.
  2. Have you ever felt confused when you started adding weight?


Example 1 sounds too general. Example 2 sounds specific because it addresses you. Readers love conversational tone and are likely to comment to that blog.


  • Paint a picture


How can you create an image in your sentence? Giving the reader a clear picture of your mind depends on your words.


It is possible to do that through entertaining your audience. Combine abstract and concrete images. Abstract is that which you can imagine/image in your mind. Concrete is something you can see.

Image in your sentence

Do you attach images in your write-up?


You can also create abstract and concrete language.

The best way to combine abstract with concrete language in an article is through connecting your facts with data.



For example:

“Alice is a talented author but she hates one thing about herself. Whenever she sits down to write, she finds herself staring at the screen or browsing through the social media.”


According to an American journal released on 7th July 2011, 40% of authors have talent in writing but aren’t motivated to do it. The Journal further states that most writers can’t accomplish their goals because they are lazy.


  • Add facts in your sentences


Currently, there is too much information in the internet. If you say a fact, you need to prove it. Otherwise your readers might underrate you.


Remember the online world is full of annoying sales pitch and advertisements. How can your audience know that you are different from them?


You can do this by showing your readers what you say. Don’t mention a statement without proof. That’s all!


  • Practice


Hidden treasures have to be searched. Likewise writing well needs practice.

The more you write, the more you learn. Think about a baby boy learning how to walk. At first, he tries and falls down.

Next he moves two steps and stands. He then runs without falling. Who knows, later he might be a famous athlete.

The same applies to writing. It might seem daunting at first. Don’t give up. Write, write, and write.


Are you going to change your perception?  What is your choice? Take action today!


What  else should we do to write sparkling sentences? Feel free to comment below.

If you enjoyed this post, for more tips feel free to subscribe to my email list.