How Blogging Can Increase Your Business’s Value

Blogging works.

You are a business owner.

You must be thinking of ways to improve your business.

May be you have heard people talk about blogging.

And you are probably wondering…

Is it worth to incorporate blogging into my business?

Blogging takes time, effort and money.

As a business owner, you must be cautious of every income and expenditure of your business. If you haven’t started blogging, you might wonder why you should add such expenses.

Will they increase returns?

Blogging can improve the value of your business in different ways.

Most B2B vendors who blog get 67% more leads than other marketers who have no blogs.

The internet has many opportunities that can make people know about your brand. It is through blogging that your business can get significant exposure.

So what should you do after creating your blog?

The obvious answer is to update it with informative content. Below are reasons why blogging is an excellent idea to your business.


  • Blogging is a magnet for new visitors

As a blogger, you are a problem solver.

Your interest is to meet your customer’s needs by solving their problems. Good content is likely to attract new visitors to your site.

Currently, most people seek solutions from the internet by using the search engine.
If someone wants to buy a good product, he would search on the internet and even read buying guides and look for available companies that have that product.

If you create a readable content on how to choose a particular product or how to solve a specific problem, customers are likely to purchase your product or service.

It is therefore essential to identify your target audience. What are their pain-points and how can you solve their problems?

Create posts that address that major issue and recommend your products or services.

Blogging increases your online visibility
  • Blogging increases your SEO

Updating your blog constantly by creating new posts helps your page to rank high. Through adding blog posts to your blog, you increase website traffic and organic search visibility.

You, therefore, need to update your blog frequently so that people can find you online.

When you add a blog post, it means you have created an additional page on your website. Other bloggers can also find your blog posts and link back to your blog. Back-linking increases inbound links to your blog which boosts your SEO.

Hub spot points out that entrepreneurs who blog receive up to 97% inbound links. When other bloggers note that you have high-quality content, they would want to associate their blogs with yours by back-linking. This improves the SEO for your site.

  • Blogging improves your customer relationships

Through blogging, you can get a close connection with your customers. Currently, most people seek information online from the comfort of their homes.

Most people buy their products online and receive them at their doorsteps. Other bloggers have subscribers whom they send emails alerting them to a new product in the market or a new blog post.

Having a blog helps you to keep in touch with your customers. They can ask questions about your products and services through the comments section depending on the type of content that you have shared. This improves their trust in your brand and creates a long-lasting relationship.

According to Gartner, by 2020 clients will control 85% of their affairs without communicating to a human being. This implies that customers will conduct their research about a company before the company reaches out to them.

They will learn about companies through their blog. You need to have an appealing blog with great content to influence your customers.

  • A blog increases trust in your brand

Blogging exposes your credibility and expertise. An excellent way of winning the trust of your customers is to prove to them that you are knowledgeable about your brand.

Customers always search on the internet for a reliable source of information about specific products and services. If you create informative content with valuable knowledge, the will recognize your business.

Whenever you launch a product that they need, they will be the first to buy it.
By doing extensive research about your business, you can gain knowledge and prove to them that you are an expert in that area.

After reading your content, customers will have trust in your brand. Creating topics that resonate with your market is a marketing strategy that brings results at a fast rate.

  • A blog helps you to be alert in your content marketing strategy

Advertising your business is the key to success. With a blog, you can promote your products and services frequently through content marketing. When you have a blog, you will need to create a schedule of publishing your content and stick to it.

Due to this plan, you will be able to stay alert and adhere to deadlines.
After publishing the content, you can share it with your audience, and it will help many of them know about your brand.

  • Through blogging, you can increase your subscribers

Those who subscribe to your mailing list are potential customers. There must be a reason why they decided to follow you. Since your business attracted them, they are likely to purchase your products or services.

If you keep creating meaningful content that gets shared, you are likely to get more subscribers. It is therefore crucial for every blogger to have a lead generation form.

You can encourage your users to sign up to your mailing list and get a freebie. Create a top-notch freebie inform of a course or an eBook and give it for free in exchange for contact information. This will help those interested in your freebie to sign up.


Increase your customers

Do you think that your business is worth blogging about?

Blogging is an effective strategy for creating awareness about your business. It improves SEO and helps your business to be discovered online. When you start a blog, your focus should be on solving the problems of your target audience.

Let your interest be in what they need and not what you need. Building a trust between you and your clients creates long-lasting relationships. Due to that relationship, your clients are likely to refer others who might be interested in your products and services. This aids to increase your business value. The good thing about blogging is that even if you quit that business, you can still sell your website.

Did you enjoy this topic? How else can blogging improve a business? Feel free to share your opinions on the comments section.

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  1. Thanks Dorine for this article.
    I agree blogging increases trust in your Brand. Many people buy your Brand before they even consider buying your product. Great tips!

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