7 Hacks on how to create a readable blog

Let’s be sincere.


Isn’t blogging a hard task? Do you know how to create a readable blog?


How to create a readable blog


Is your blog worth your efforts and investment? What do readers think about your blog?


The answer to that lies on its readability. A perfect blog is the one that users desperately follow up and wouldn’t want to miss a single post.


But how?


Let’s have a look.

On the previous post, I talked about writing short readable sentences. We are going to learn more about that and how it improves readability.

Readability is how easy your blog posts are to read. Flesch-Kincaid is a popular tool that measures readability accurately. If your score is between 60.0-70.0, then your content is readable.

Google considers readability of the content in your blog before ranking it.



How can you improve readability on your blog?


  • Use short paragraphs


A short paragraph should have a minimum of 2-4 sentences. A short paragraph is easy to read and scan through.

A paragraph with one sentence is okay too.


Each paragraph should have one idea. A blog post with many white/blank spaces is very readable because at least a reader can skip a line without missing the point.


  • Shorten the length of your sentences


Did you know that the secret to avoiding common mistakes in writing is using short sentences? Cut off extra words that don’t add value to the content. Get rid of adverbs for example, and, generally, e.t.c.


  • Utilize formatting tags


What are formatting tags for if you don’t use them in your write-up? Make use of bold, underlines and italics to spice up your content and enchant your readers.



  • Use alternative to common words


Examples of an alternative to common words are fantastic, friendly, great, good, etc.


  • Avoid prepositional phrases


Don’t use common prepositions e.g., include of, among, around, about, into, without, through and many others.


  • Replace a phrase with one word


You can use words like suddenly in place of all of a sudden, instead of to replace at this point in time and much more. You can check on 50 plain language substitutions for more details.


  • Spice up your writing


How do you plan to catch the attention of your readers?  You can improve readability by writing in a conversational tone. You speak to the reader by including questions and even cooking up stories.


Just imagine if you were watching your favorite movie and you receive an email. On checking the email, you find the sender is narrating a personal story. Wouldn’t you be distracted a bit and read the story?

You might want to find out the message behind that story. To be precise, spicing up your writing has authority over your reader.


Finally, avoid using passive voice as much as you can.

  1. The book was written by her.
  2. She wrote the book.


Sentence two sounds better compared to sentence one. Active voice affects the readability of your content.

Do you know how to make your blog readable now? Before you start marketing that product or service in your blog, make sure that your readability score is more than 60.0.


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64 thoughts on “7 Hacks on how to create a readable blog

    1. Hi Rosanna,

      I am glad you found the tips helpful. I understand why you find it a bit hard to write in a conversational tone.However, it is not hard at all. In fact it very easy. Just write as if you are talking to your friend.Keep trying and let us know your progress.


  1. Some really good tips in this post 🙂 Definitely using short sentences and paragraphs is a great idea. A reader is going to click away right away if they say a big chunk of text with no white space, it’s just not readable

  2. Great content. I appreciate reading any tips that help me be a better blogger. I especially agree with the number of sentences in paragraphs. I access blog posts, and as soon as I see long paragraphs, I find it challenging; the post becomes what I call, the “heavy read”.
    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. Great tips. Short paragraphs are so much easier to read on a computer or phone and a story is an engaging way to interact with readers and encourage them to come back.

  4. As a. It native English speaker I really love the tool Yoast which shows me the worst mistakes to prevent a poor readability- still there are very good tips I will try to use in addition. Thank you for sharing

  5. This is a very interesting read, Dorine! I tend to struggle with writing my blog, usually with wordy sentences which can deter the reader from reading more. Overall, the tips were very helpful and I will be following them.

  6. Excellent! English is not my native language so I try to pay attention to everything that is writing related. I have found myself using phrases that can be one word like you said 😀 (all of the sudden / suddenly) will make an effort to correct that.

  7. I like all your thoughts but some of them work contradiction to the goal we want to achieve. A blog shall have min 300 words best to have 2000. Replacing a phrase sentence with one word would not come so good. However, i understand it shall be reading easy. So I bookmarked your page, will for sure use some of your hacks, thank you

    1. Hi Dieter,

      Thanks for the nice compliment. I understand that some thoughts won’t match with our goals. However, no matter the word count, we can still improve readability by making the content short and engaging.

  8. This is a really nice article on creating the blog post. The tips and strategies that have been shared in this post are really helpful for an excellent writing. These are the things which impact the reader’s mind effectively.

  9. Fab tips! I’m guilty of writing paragraphs that are too long and only now I have Grammarly and WordPress readability check I’m actually seeing how damn long my paragraphs are!

  10. Nice tips, but I’m not sure if it helps when you want to promote your blog about literature, for example 😉 But this one is a solution to everyone who struggle with writing and do not how to make their posts more appealing)

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